End-to-end IPTV / OTT TV Software solution for businesses

All you need to launch your subscription service right now

Turnkey digital video solution for Service Providers & Content owners

Live streaming, Catch-up TV & Video-on-demand in a complete Multiscreen playback

On-premise software platform with low OPEX to maintain

Ultimate business solution for your streaming service

Focus on your content and growth. We’ll take care of everything else.


Gain market advantage with innovative user experience


Fully automated video content distribution


Scale seamlessly to millions of subscribers


Own your customers' data

Awesome multiscreen service with white-labeled native apps

Provide great user experience to your audience with your own branded apps. Native apps with a dedicated user interface to best leverage the device environment specifics.

Smart TV

Why are we using D-pad navigation?
On a TV device, users navigate with controls on a remote control device, using either a directional pad (D-pad) or arrow keys. In general, app should be operable from a remote controller that only has up, down, left, right, select, Back, and Home buttons.
The success of an app's navigation scheme on TV devices is depends on how easy it is for a user to determine what user interface element is in focus on screen.

Sony • Philips • Sharp • TCL • Hisense • Skyworth • Xiaomi
Samsung Electronics • LG Electronics

DEVELOPMENT | Kotlin • C++ • HTML/CSS/JavaScript

DISTRIBUTION | Google Play • Smart Hub • LG Content Store

Desktop PC • Laptop

Chromecast support

DEVELOPMENT | React (JavaScript framework)


Smartphone • Tablet

What about touchscreen apps?
The reality of touch interfaces is that they are not as accurate as a traditional mouse and physical button-navigated applications. In terms of this touch screen vs. mouse or button comparison, small interface elements that would be easy to select with a cursor can become frustratingly elusive when navigated with fingers. This is especially true if the user is holding the device with one hand and using the same thumb to operate the application, as is common.

Google Android • Apple iOS

DEVELOPMENT | React Native (JavaScript framework)

DISTRIBUTION | App Store • Google Play

Media Streaming Device • Gaming console

Nvidia Shield • Amazon Fire TV • Apple TV

DEVELOPMENT | Kotlin • Swift

DISTRIBUTION | Google Play • Amazon Appstore • Apple TV App Store

Complete integration with all required external services

Launch your streaming multiscreen OTT TV or IPTV service from scratch with our full support in the process.
Billing Systems
Chargebee MediaHub Rest API
Payment Gateways
Paypall Braintree
Ticketing Systems
Freshdesk Helpdesk
System Monitoring
Observium Nagios
App Analytics
Google Analytics Firebase
GoogleAds Logo Facebook Business Manager
Marketing Tools
Google Tag Manager Intercom
Transactional Emails
Send In Blue Mandrill

Flexible models with Perpetual licensing Pay as you grow

MediaHub TimeView platform creates a true competitive advantage for your streaming service

Significant expense optimization in CDN and best video quality

Smart hardware transcoding and own storage solutions for low capital expenses (CAPEX)

High availability and redundancy for a reliable and secure service

Native apps and super-fast video interaction for a true user-centric experience

Platform horizontal scaling that provides for an easy business growth

Low operating costs (OPEX) providing for easy planning and growth forecasting

How it works

World-class video delivery service to your subscribers on any device globally

25K+ Users per week
50K+ Events per week
87 Countries
1063+ Device types

MediaHub TimeView Platform

Play TV
The Zone

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